Sunday, 28 August 2011

Catch up

Done quite a bit of fishing since my last post but haven't had any success of note. I'll start with my most recent and work my way back. Well my most recent was today. Fished the Tees at Pierecebridge for two hours. Trotted Maggot under a Stick Float but the wind played havoc with my presentation. Also the water was icy cold for some reason. I managed just one small Brown Trout so i decided to drive the 10 miles to a pond i have access to through my club membership. I wished i'd just gone home as i managed just one Roach on the Maggot feeder. Also i counted 5 dead Bream in the water and on the bank, i think we may have an Otter problem.

Going back a few weeks i took my son on a trip to a local-ish Carp water, Thorpe Underwood, which is particularly noted for its large Grass Carp that are caught regularly. Unfortunately a Carp of any kind  never took our Tiger Nut hookbaits but we did have fun catching endless Skimmers on the Waggler.

Previous trip was a 3 hour session on the Tees Bream fishing. I took my son with me, i usually just set up a whip for him to silver bash but this time he asked if he could fish for the Bream. I just sat him next to me and i did all the casting but let him strike and play the fish and i gave him a hand netting them. We missed a few bites and lost a few hooked fish due to slack lines but all in all he did really well. Ended up with 1 proper Bream, 3lb 3oz, 5 decent Skimmers, 2 Roach and 4 Perch for a total of just over 8lb. ;D. Chuffed to bits with the Bream he was, it made his arm ache!,

Previous to that was a couple of Deadbaiting trips to the Tees which resulted in 3 Pike and 1 lost one which felt pretty damn huge. Anyway of the ones i landed the biggest was about 5lb-6lb.

 I had a brief departure from my usual fishing haunts when i got the chance to fish the River Trent at Farndon. The river wasn't anything like i'd expected. I'd gone armed with Barbel rods but it soon became apparent that the Barbel fishing was a waiting game so i decided to fish a Grounbait Feeder for the resident Bream. Unfortunately i only had 12lb mainline with me and the water was Gin clear. I managed some nice stamp Roach, small Skimmers and some fat Perch for around 6-8lb in total.

Finally a long session on the Tees at Croft hunting my 1st 'proper' Barbel resulted in a single Chub of 3lb 12oz caught on ledgered Crab Pellet. I've also had several blank session. These Tees Barbel are very frustrating!!!